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Monitoring Soil Biological Activity by using a novel tool: EDAPHOLOG-System
system building and field testing


The aim of the project is to build and test the prototype of a new soil environmental monitoring tool, called EDAPHOLOG System. EDAPHOLOG System will be constructed for measuring parameters of the soil biota to assess soil biological and microbiological activity, soil ecological degradation and soil biodiversity from field to landscape level, respectively. Through this technological advance monitoring and spatial delineation of soil biological degradation and contamination, ecological control of agricultural practice, detection of soil biodiversity hot spots will become feasible in such extent that is unavailable at present. EDAPHOLOG System will make possible to prepare very detailed and large-scale mapping of soil quality in a very cost-efficient, fast way. In addition, therefore, detailed and large scale long-term monitoring of soils can be implemented a need that has not yet been satisfied anywhere in the world.

The EDAPHOLOG System is composed of an innovative sampling tool designed to spatially and temporally sequential sampling schemes and a novel detecting system consisting of different electronic detecting sensors, an own logging system for GSM remote data-transmitting and date storage and an applied evaluation procedure for estimating soil biological activity, ecological state and soil biodiversity.