D1 - Deliverable 1. Management Plan, Feasibility study, Website

D2 - Deliverable 2. Blueprint of the prototype, detailed engineering studies

D3 - Deliverable 3. Software documentation (manual) 1: Commanding of the sensors and initial data processing

D4 - Deliverable 4. Software documentation (manual) 2: Central Database

D5 - Deliverable 5. 22 information boards erected on project sites

D6-A - Deliverable 6-A. Report 1. on the Functioning of the Prototype: results of the laboratory tests of the EDAPHOLOG System (detect ability of soil biological activity)

D6-B - Deliverable 6-B. Report 2. on the Functioning of the Prototype: results of the outdoor experiments and catch-ability investigations

D6-C - Deliverable 6-C. Report 3. on the Functioning of the Prototype: results of the operation of the Prototype

D7-A - Deliverable 7-A. Report 1. on the Pilot Study: field test results

D7-B - Deliverable 7-B. Report 2. on the Pilot Study: spatial delineation of soil biological activity and soil biodiversity

D8 - Deliverable 8. Publications (laymanís report: EDAPHOLOG System) Laymanís report printed in 500 copies and distributed on conferences, workshops and other forums

D9 - Deliverable 9. Publications (scientific papers: Estimation of soil biodiversity in space and time by using the EDAPHOLOG System

D10 - Deliverable 10. Brochure: 1000 leaflets distributed among stakeholders on conferences, workshops, forums

D11- Deliverable 11. detailed After LIFE Communication Plan

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